Good Citizenship. Better Education. Civic Improvements.

Katey’s Kids was started in 2010 by the Sebastian family and employees to honor the life and legacy of Kathleen “Katey” Ball Sebastian. Katey devoted her life to the improvement of the lives of the children in her community through literacy, education and community development.

To date, the foundation has donated more than:

$150k to local organizations

Our Mission

Katey’s Kids is committed to benefiting the children of the communities we serve, the places in which we live and work. Katey’s Kids encourages good citizenship, better education, and civic improvements through contributions of both time and treasure.

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C/O Sebastian
7600 North Palm Avenue
Fresno, California 93711

(559) 432-5800 phone
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“At Habitat we believe everyone deserves a decent place to call home. Home isn’t just a place where one lives, but where children realize the stability to learn. The shared heartbeat and partnership we have with Katey’s Kids serves as an integral part of helping our family’s ‘kids’ experience the full benefit of learning in their own homes.”

- Matthew Grundy, CEO, Habitat for Humanity Fresno County